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St Petersburg — a cultural city 215 The north nature and poverty: some background to the Nordic identity 225 Finnish russophobia in the twenties:

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The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture emphasizes cultural diversity and equality in its cultural policy with the aim of promoting equal opportunities

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The members of the community were among the most famous artists of their era Through music literature and visual arts they developed and reinforced Finnish 

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I have heard Finnish people described as reserved stand- offish stiff and difficult to engage I think that is a complete misconception


According to the Ministry of Education and Culture the main aim of the Finnish current government's cultural policy is to promote creativity plurality and


Proud Finns will certainly correct anyone who identifies them as 'Scandinavian ' Page 2 It follows that Finnish business culture also is different from other 

[PDF] [PDF] Finnish People and Culture, Local Customs 2982018 - UNI - LUT

Finnish People and Culture, Local Customs 29 8 2018 M A Tanja Karppinen Project Manager Lappeenranta University of Technology, LUT

[PDF] [PDF] The Finns and Finnish Culture - UNI - LUT

Finnish People and Culture, Local Customs 7 1 2016 M A Tanja Karppinen Project Manager Lappeenranta University of Technology, LUT


Finnish food culture has been shaped by its geographical position There are no specific Finland-Swedish dishes, but there are regional food cultures

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“Finnish Culture's Influence on Education System ” Massachusetts Busines Alliance for Education Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education, 9 Oct 2012

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SAFEGUARDING OF THE INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE recognise the contribution of sauna culture to their sense of identity as Finnish citizens

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