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15 sept 2005 · The Battle of Antietam has been called the bloodiest single day in American History By the end of the evening, 17 Septem- ber 1862, an 


Antietam National Battlefield Site was established August 30, 1890, to commemorate the significant events of September 17, 1862, and to preserve the important 

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Why is Antietam considered a turning point in American history? What other Civil War events and battles do you think were equally or more important? Discuss


Over the course of 12 hours on Sept 17, 1862, the nation's costliest war produced the bloodiest day in American history, along Antietam Creek in western

[PDF] [PDF] Lincoln on Battlefield of Antietam, Maryland, Alexander Gardner

Lincoln on Battlefield of Antietam, Maryland Alexander Gardner American, Maryland, October 2, 1862 Albumen print 8 5/8 x 7 3/4 in 84 XM 482 1

[PDF] [PDF] Antietam-map-bookpdf - Civil War Trails

Monument to Civil War soldier at Antietam National Battlefield The Battle of Antietam on Septem- est one-day battle in U S history

[PDF] [PDF] The Battle of Antietam: A Turning Point in the Civil War - Mr Tomecko

24 jan 2014 · Four days after the battle of Antietam, which took place near American history, with more than 6,000 Union and Confederate soldiers

[PDF] [PDF] 1862: Antietam and Emancipation - American Battlefield Trust

The Battle of Antietam (also called the Battle of Sharpsburg) was the bloodiest single day in American history Lee lost 10,300 men to death, injury, 

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Analysis: The Battle of Antietam (also known as the Battle of Sharpsburg on the of the military history of Antietam, but also as part of American cultural history

[PPT] [PPT] Battle Of Antietam Alayna Cordero, Naomi Aviles, Marleny Romero

Generals Robert E Lee and George McClellan faced off near Antietam creek in in the 1-day Battle of Antietam, making it the bloodiest day in American history


Bloodiest day in US History 23,000 troops (N S) Killed or wounded Confederate dead from Antietam Lincoln after Antietam Lincoln with then Union Gen

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13,047 Causalities; U S Grant; Victory Up to this point, bloodiest battle in American History (23,700 causalities); “Bloody Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg

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