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Abstract With the flexibility and modularity of the construction system, the ancient Chinese architecture was a configurative system until the modern time 


Ancient single-story framed wood buildings include mainly palaces and temples, the main structure of which is composed of wood columns, beams, bracket sets, 

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As a kind of art form, the building is naturally influenced by the intention of thinking In ancient China, people used to use the space sequence emphasis on 

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Application of Chinese ancient architecture elements in product design YANG Mei 1, a , YIN Huan 2,b * 1Taiyuan University of Technology, China

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Abstract: The documentation of ancient Chinese timber architecture is the precondition to analyze and explain the traditional design and construction 

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Yet when the two words, Chinese and architecture, are joined, almost anyone on any continent, usually without hesitation, visualizes a building from the 


and jing-gan (ancient Chinese log construction) (Liu, 1978; Chiou and Krishnamurti, 1995) The most representative of these is tai-liang; it is also the most

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Traditional Chinese Architecture Content 1 The Characteristics of Chinese Ancient Architecture 2 Types of Ancient Chinese Architecture 3 Chinese Bridges


12 Chinese Calligraphy, Painting and Architecture Lesson 1 – Tse Ha's Six Principles Tse Ha's 'Six Principles in the Category of Ancient Paintings' 1


Paper was much easier to write on than any other material Achievements of the Ancient China – Printing In the 8th century, the Chinese invented block printing

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