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a sampling distribution approaches the normal form Many sampling distributions based on large N can be approximated by the normal distribution even though the population distribution itself is definitely not normal III The standardized normal distribution a General Procedure As you might suspect from the formula for the normal

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Binomial are well approximated by tail probabilities for the distribution with density ` <7 2> De?nition A random variable is said to have astandard normal distribution if it has a continuous distribution with density ` x/D exp ¡x2=2/ p 2 for ¡1

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standard normal distribution chart How to use the Standard Normal Distribution Table: The standard normal distribution table is shown in the back of your textbook The first column (up and down) of the table represents the number to the left of the decimal of the z-score and the first number to the right of the decimal of z-score

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No We have a great shortcut—the Normal table, Table A, in the front cover of your book You must convert X N( , ) to Z N(0, 1), where Z has the standard Normal distribution Convert using the formula: x Z Z-scores are what you need in order to use Table A in the front cover of your book Z-scores also let you compare 2 values from different

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4 The&Normal&Distribution Figure&below&presentsgraphsof& f(xJ&µ, ?)&for&several& different&(µ,?)&pairs & Two&different&normal&density&curves Visualizing&µand


Finding the percentage In order to compute percentages under a normal dis- tribution, you need to standartize every given value For example, to find P(x

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Mean most commonly used measure of central tendency influenced by Normal distribution bell shaped curve estimates inherent variance + treatment effect

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If x is a continuous random variable having a normal distribution with mean μ and standard deviation σ, you can graph a normal curve with the equation

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The following figure is the density curve for the distribution of X (a) What proportion of How to Calculate Areas under a Normal Distribution DEFINITION :

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A probability distribution in which the random variable is continuous is a continuous •Look at figure 8-3 on page 164 Calculation of probabilities for sample

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