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Compare the folowing decimals by using >, < or = 1 021 1 102 1 657 1 567 0 991 0 99 0 120 0 12 2 500 2 5 1 908 1 9 1 11 1 120 0 085 0 84

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Compare the decimals using place value 0 9 is equivalent to 9 tenths 0 79 is equivalent to 7 tenths, 9 hundredths 9 tenths is greater than 7 tenths, 

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Compare each pair of decimals using the symbols >, < or = Page 2 37 68 25 5853 39 8907 12 91 23 4538 6 7325 43 5 35 1262 37 392 25 59 39 8907

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Notes: Compare Decimals Using Place Values It is sometimes tricky to determine which decimal is the larger of two decimals Upon first

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26 mai 2020 · Compare two decimals to the thousandths place based on meanings of the digits in each place, using less than () or equals 

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To compare decimals, write the decimal numbers with the same number of decimal places and decide Write the list adding zeros to hundred thousandths

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Compare 0 5 and 0 30 Ignore the decimal point and the zero to the left of the decimal point Which number has the greater value, 30 or 50? 50 is greater

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When ordering decimal numbers, we use the same technique of comparing the place value of the digits in each number Razia puts these decimal numbers in order 

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Comparing decimals and ordering up to four decimal numbers expressed through thousandths Primary SOL: 4 3 The student will c) compare and order decimals

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hundredths • Model decimal thousandths using a variety of tools Expectations • represent, compare, and order whole numbers and decimal numbers from

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Why it makes sense:When we compare or order decimals we need to compare place values just like or subtracting tenths to hundredths or tenths to ones Those are different the decimal point to the right until the divisor is a whole number

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Comparing decimals is similar to comparing whole numbers 45105 Ten-thousandths Numbers to the right are greater than numbers to the left


Objective: Compare decimal fractions to the thousandths using like units and express comparisons with >,

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Compare two decimal numbers to the thousandths using the symbols >, =,

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