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Organic Chemistry The chemistry of the living world Organic Molecule –a molecule containing carbon and hydrogen Carbon has 4 electrons in its outer shell and can share electrons with atoms of up to 4 different elements, leading to a variety of carbon compounds Most often shares with C, H, N, O, P, and S

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Now to the nomenclature for carbon (organic) molecules The prefix of a carbon molecule depends on how many carbons are in the molecule Prefixes: 1 carbon meth- 2 carbon eth- 3 carbon prop- 4 carbon but- 5 carbon pent- 6 carbon hex- 7 carbon hept- 8 carbon oct- The suffix of a carbon molecule is based on whether the molecule

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Organic molecules that consist of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in a 1:2:1 ratio

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1 1 Organic Molecules All organic molecules contain carbon (C), virtually all of them contain hydrogen (H), and most contain oxygen (O) and/or nitrogen (N) atoms Many organic molecules also have halogen atoms such as fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), or iodine (I) Other atoms in organic compounds include sulfur (S),

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3 1 Organic Molecules A Definitions 1 Organic molecules have carbon bonded to other atoms and determine structure and function of living things 2 Inorganic molecules do not contain carbon and hydrogen together; inorganic molecules such as salt ions can play important roles in living things B The Carbon Atom 1

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Carbon forms the backbone of many of the biological Each carbon atom can form double bonds with up to two more carbon atoms an organic molecule is

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Now to the nomenclature for carbon (organic) molecules The prefix of a carbon molecule depends on how many carbons are in the molecule Prefixes: 1 carbon

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4 1 Organic chemistry is the study of carbon compounds In molecules with multiple carbon atoms, every carbon atom bonded to four other atoms has a

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Carbon Carbon is basis for all organic molecules Carbon can form bonds with up to four other Made up of C, H, O – much less oxygen than found in carbs

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Mr Freidhoff 3 1 Organic Molecules Organic Molecule: A molecule that contains carbon and hydrogen; it may also have O, N, P, or S 3 1 The Carbon Atom

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