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formed by the factors of tectonic, volcanic and depositional processes A major portion of the ocean floor is found between 3-6 km below the sea level • The ocean floor basins are the result of tectonic processes The ocean basins were formed from volcanic rock that was released from fissures located at the mid-oceanic ridges

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Farther away weaker magnetism (Crystals formed when the Earth’s ?eld was reversed), Many oscillations from strong to weak Iceland figure from Heirtzler et al , 1968, J Geophysical Research 73:2119-2136 Iceland Globe image by Plumbago, Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons A S-A 3 0

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material that may have formed the early planets, indicate that mete-orites contain up to 0 5 percent water If the early Earth contained the same percentage of water, it would have been more than suffi-cient to form the early oceans However, some mechanism must have existed to allow the water to rise from deep in Earth’s interior to its surface

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¾ Formed by the transfer of wind energy into water ¾ Most are less than 3m (10?) high ¾ Wavelengths from 60-150 m (200-500ft) are common ¾ Grow from capillary waves (Figure 10 8) ¾ The wave will continue to grow if it remains in deeper water Sea – irregular peaked waves in the area of wind wave formation

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Essentials of Oceanography Eleventh Edition Alan P Trujillo • The first permanent oceans formed 4 billion years ago • Salinity developed from dissolved rock

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Oceanography To Be Continued 15 1 3 What Is oceanography? 16 1 4 What Is the Nature of scientific Inquiry? 17 Observations• 17 Hypothesis 17 • Testing 18 • Theory 18 • Theories and the Truth 18 1 5 How Were earth and the solar system Formed? 19 The Nebular Hypothesis 20 • Proto-Earth 20 • Density and Density

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mosphere, the oceanic heat budget, water mass formation, currents, and coastal Oceanographers rely more and more on large data sets produced by others

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Marine Science (or oceanography) is the process of discovering unifying * Egyptians utilized the Nile River and created a commerce based on ship-based

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Geological oceanography includes the study of Earth at the sea's edge and below its surface, and the history of the processes that form the ocean basins

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Ross Sea oceanography and Antarctic Bottom Water formation* STANLEY S JACOBS~, ANTHONY BW) is formed during summer over the continental slope

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