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[PDF] [PDF] Pregnancy 4D Ultrasound Guide

premium 3D/4D ultrasound equipment Bring the results of your routine morphology scan which CALL 132 336 or BOOK ONLINE hunterimaging com au

[PPT] [DOC] GP Shared Maternity Care Guidelines - Bendigo Health

Book appointments with the SMCA and the hospital; Attend her appointments All women should be offered a fetal morphology ultrasound at 19–22 weeks

[PPT] [DOC] Echocardiography Curriculum Delivery Tool - JRCPTB

Aim to obtain sign off of basic emergency echocardiography (or FEEL scan) as soon as possible, You should also keep a log-book of all cases, capturing indication and key findings Typically morphology, seating, regurgitation, obstruction

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