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[PDF] BOTANY - University of Otago

Botany courses have great field-trips focusing on various aspects of plant ecology, and allowing you to participate in hands-on study

[PDF] Careers in Botany SANBI

then you will enjoy a career in botany develop the resources needed for lessons and workshops; facilitate teacher workshops

[PDF] BSc Botany - University of Reading

After Part 1 exams, students will attend Flora of the British Isles (PS2BG3) and the Botany Part 2 field course (PS2BF3) which will take place in the 

[PDF] M Sc Botany Program and Coures Outcome

Analyze and interpret results generated through studies in botany, After successful completion of this course, students will be able to understand :

[PDF] BIO-BOTANY - Eastern Illinois University

One course must meet Cultural Diversity requirement Course Hours Grade Semester BIO 2320 (3) Economic Botany Senior Seminar (after 75 SH)

[PDF] BSc Botany - Puducherry - Pondicherry University

certificate shall be issued to all the registered students after every semester The grade certificate will display the course details (code, title, 


Department of Botany Semester I BOT-VC-101: Conservation of Plant Diversity 4 Credits/40 Hours Course Outcomes: After completion of the Course the 

[PDF] Proposed syllabus and Structure B Sc with Botany - UGC

Course- Botany Paper IV Practical Plant Physiology and English/MIL Communication Skill Enhancement Courses (Any four) Botany 1 Biofertilizers 2


Structure of B Sc Honours Botany under CBCS Core Courses 1 Algae and Microbiology 2 Biomolecules and Cell Biology 3 Mycology and Phytopathology

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