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Developmental Differences Between Germinating After-ripened and

Based on physiological and molecular differences associated with the germination of after-ripened and dormant caryopses and excised embryos, 

Patterns of seed after-ripening in Bromus tectorum L

Abstract For grass seeds that lose dormancy through after- ripening in dry storage, the probability of germination following a particular wetting event can 

RNA and Protein Synthesis during After-Ripening of Seeds of Acer

and Botany Department, The University, Bristol, United Kingdom Key words: Acer platanoides, low temperature after-ripening, RNA and protein synthesis

[PDF] The effects of light, temperature, after-ripening, nitrate and - CORE

These factors included light, temperature, after-ripening time, nitrate, and State University) and 2008 (Dekker germplasm collection lot #3995, Weed Biology

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