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denite and wall-rock alteration minerals in the Butte copper ores are 66 to 61 Ma (Snee and others, 1999; Martin and Dilles, 2000), overlapping with 

[PDF] Les buttes minérales cryogènes dans les basses terres de la rivière

8 juil 2022 · Les buttes minérales cryogènes étudiées dans le présent travail et ailleurs (PAYETTE ef al , 1976) doivent leur existence à la glace

[PDF] Effect of Post-Ore Dike Intrusion on Butte Ore Minerals (Montana)

channels within Butte's Central Zone where all iron in wall rock minerals and the combined copper-iron sulphide minerals bornite and chalcopyrite

[PDF] The Minerals of the Intermediate Zone, Butte, Montana

mens collected in the mines of Butte, Montana, partly by the l0 Ray, J C , "Paragenesis of the Ore Minerals in the Butte District, Montana,"

[PDF] [PDF] Mineral Resources of the Sand Butte Wilderness Study Area

Mines and mineral resources Idaho Sand Butte Wilderness Area 2 Map showing mineral resource potential, simplified geology, and sample localities

[PDF] [PDF] Mineral Resources of the Honeycomb Buttes Wilderness Study Area

This report presents the results of a mineral survey of the Honeycomb Buttes (WY-040-323) Wilderness Study Area, Fremont and Sweetwater Counties, Wyoming

[PDF] [PDF] War Minerals Report 175, Hobart Butte, Lane County, Oreg, Clay

Hobart Butte is about 15 miles south of Cottage Grove, Oreg Most of it is on Government land, but the best part of the butte has been located as mineral 

[PDF] [PDF] 11 Mineral Resources - Butte County

21 jui 2021 · The topography of Butte County varies dramatically from the gentle flatlands of all other minerals mined statewide, including gold

[PDF] [PDF] World Museum Of Mining - imgix

The actual mineral specimens included in Minerals of Butte, MT can be seen at the World Museum of Mining Page 3 Color: Often the first property we notice is 

[PDF] Les buttes minérales cryogènes dans les basses terres de la - Érudit

minéral Une coupe stratigraphique prati- quée dans un ensemble buttes convexes- dépressions et la buttes minérales cryogènes sera employée dans le pré-


1 Weed, W H , The geology and ore deposits of the Butte district, Mont : U S Geol Survey Prof the other minerals of the Butte lodes by their pink color Excep-

[PDF] The Minerals of the Intermediate Zone, Butte - GeoScienceWorld

The ores of Butte have been studied microscopically many times l0 Ray, J C , " Paragenesis of the Ore Minerals in the Butte District, Montana," ECON G,•or


Can also induce chemical reactions on mineral grains- chemical weathering Sand in the bottom of a 5 m deep weathering pit at Cookie jar Butte in Utah

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