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CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE Hospital/Medical Center: Laboratory Areas Andrology/Fertility Testing Blood Bank Bone Marrow


The Careers Group University of London runs an annual one day course on working with charities Ask the RVC Careers Consultant for more information ANIMAL NUTRITION: The profession is unregulated in terms of being a nutritionist working with animals

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positions now standing vacant The American Hospital Association (AHA) documented 126,000 hospital nursing vacancies in 2001 These shortages affect all regions of the country, both rural and urban settings Since 1998, 60 percent of hospitals sur - veyed by the AHA said recruitment of nurses has become even more difficult

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of full-time study Careers focus on assessing and treating persons with speech, language, voice, fluency, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders Jobs may also entail educating individuals about alternative communication systems and their use, as well as performing research related to speech and language problems After a Master’s of

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A large nursing home employs two 16-year-olds to collect trash and waste paper throughout the facility and load it into the large commercial trash compactor located on the loading dock The firm rents the compactor from a waste management firm The minors also routinely operate the compactor by turning the key and pressing the “on” button

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careers is not fully conveyed or understood by students Plant (2001) and Rajinder (2010) describe what career guidance entails It is much more than a face-to face interview and that it should involve; informing, advising, assessing, teaching, enabling, advocating, networking, feeding back, managing, innovation/systems change,

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Some nurses begin their career in support roles, which require no route you take, you'll need to gain a degree in nursing, staff except doctors, dentists and

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Potential Job Options without a U S Medical Doctor (MD) License colleges, nursing schools and chiropractic medicine schools are among the colleges that have full time and part time states except Alaska; requirements vary by state

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With the Foundation High School Program's endorsement options, you have the opportunity to explore classes You could also consider being a Registered Nurse, Medical Lab Technologist, or Nutritionist Languages Other Than English

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Nontraditional jobs for male and female (Male nurses, Female Surgeons) and food service; Medical jobs available in facilities besides hospitals in Hickory

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