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The number of astronomy and radio astronomy related projects worldwide points to a Golden Age of space research Massive developments like the Square Kilometre Array have necessitated a strong demand for highly skilled technicians, engineers and researchers in the field of astronomy, with specialised areas

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Astronomy education is a fast-growing field these days Pre-college teaching positions typically require a bachelor’s degree, and public high school science teachers also need a teaching certificate Positions in the up-and-coming field of astronomy education research require a PhD in either Astronomy, Physics, or Science Education And no

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Careers in Astronomy Stacey Sueoka National Solar Observatory I am an Optical Systems Engineer with an emphasis in polarimetry with AURA and NSO’s new observatory, the Daniel K Inouye So-lar Telescope project in Hawai’i I work with a special team whose role is to make sure the end-to-end polarimetry requirements are met

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science, and local amateur astronomy clubs There are literally thousands of such organizations in the United States College College undergraduates planning careers in astronomy must obtain a solid foundation in physics and mathematics An astronomy major with a strong background in physics, or a physics major with some

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astronomy in recent years has been one of the most rapidly expanding of all physical sciences and many exciting and unexpected discoveries continue to be made What can I do with a degree in Astronomy? Astronomy Te R?p? Rapuara Careers

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consider the employment prospects of those with advanced degrees in astronomy and astrophysics, both within and outside academia, over the coming decade

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Although she is at an early stage of her career, she has already established a record of technical leadership within the broader astronomical community

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Please enter Level under appropriate Career Pathway, ERE, TAE, MSA, CAO undertake limited teaching duties within the School of Physics and Astronomy

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