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Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry: Overview and Update

choosing family medicine as a career of all 17 medical schools in Canada Although specialist physicians and medical research clearly contribute to societal needs, an appropriate balance needs to be found, with more of our graduates choosing family medicine (Eidelman, Orlowski, Pickering 2010)

Reasons for Choosing Dentistry among First Year Dental

Medicine, Engineering and Information Technology among the participants Some other reasons for joining dentistry were; not getting chance for medicine and family/ friend’s pressure About financial aspect, 42 joined dentistry for job security and 26 1 for high income Similar findings were found in Arabic and Indian students 2,6 This may

Factors deterring dentistry, medical, pharmacy, and social

between influences of healthcare career choices and per-ceptions of nursing as a career choice was developed and utilized in a previous study The comparative under-standing of career choice influences helped to identify reasons that deter students from choosing nursing as a career [15, 16] Many studies have explored why students choose

Use of traditional medicine for dental care by different

TM in dentistry among different ethnic groups residing in New Zealand Methods This was a qualitative study conducted between 10/2018– 09/2019 This study was approved by the Human Re-search Ethics Committee University of Otago (D18/336) The sample size was based on previous studies [17–19] and recruitment was stopped once thematic saturation

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Table - 2: The comparison between public and private school for the parameter dentistry pays better than other job options available to me School N Range Median IQR P-value Public 254 0 to 10 6 8 to 5 0 013 144 0 to 10 5 8 to 4Private Graph - 3: The box-plot for the comparison between male and female for the parameter dentistry

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with this information, you'll be able to choose the ideal dental team for yourself and your Do They Understand the Link Between Oral Health medical doctor

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