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In that case, formal charges may be filed against the licensee and the licensee will be given an opportunity to defend himself or herself This process can take 

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BOARD OF NURSING FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1 I received a letter from the Board of Nursing saying someone has filed a Complaint against me

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If you have any questions in completing the enclosed forms, contact our office at (517) 241-0205 You may submit your complaint by one of the following methods:

[PDF] [PDF] Boards of Nursing Complaint Process - Video Transcript - NCSBN

An individual filing a complaint with the Board of Nursing regarding a nurse's practice or behavior may also file criminal or civil charges against that nurse

[PDF] [PDF] Your State Board of Nursing Works for You - NCSBN

A complaint can be filed at any time by anyone who feels that a nurse has provided incompetent, negligent or unsafe care Examples of cases where a nurse should 

[PDF] [PDF] Complaint and Discipline Process

are responsible for cases from 39 professional licensing boards, election cases, corporation cases and security cases ? The Georgia Board of Nursing has three 

[PDF] [PDF] Complaint Form - Maryland Board of Nursing

Illegible complaints will be returned for clarification All complaints must be signed with (non-erasable) ink Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

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? The right to appeal The Complaint Process (The Nevada State Board of Nursing follows this process for all complaints against nurses or nursing 

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The investigation of a complaint against your nursing license could lead to the revocation of the license, and the assessment of tens of thousands of 


The Board of Registered Nursing licenses registered nurses and is charged with For information on disciplinary action or filing a complaint against an RN:

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the board of nursing, put complaints in writing, or complete law enforcement of action taken against a nurse Upon receipt of a complaint, the nursing board

[PDF] [PDF] Nursing Complaint Formindd - New Jersey Division of Consumer

New Jersey Board of Nursing A copy of the complaint will be forwarded to the licensee with a cover letter from the Board Complaint Reported Against

[PDF] [PDF] complaint fact sheet for consumersp65 - Nevada State Board of

(the Nevada Nurse Practice Act), the Board has the authority to investigate Who can make a filed against them? much information regarding the complaint

[PDF] [PDF] Georgia Board of Nursing Complaint and Discipline Process

Review the Georgia Board of Nursing and its statutory mission Review the complaint and investigative process - Review regarding the practice of nursing

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