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Concordance cosmology without dark energy 3 the basis of other successful approximations, such as halo models and the Press{Schecter formalism The volumetric expansion of mini-universes is the cube of the linear expansion, assuming statistical isotropy Ignor-ing the boundary conditions and the local environment of

Apparent Acceleration and Concordance Without Dark Energy via

"Gravitation and Cosmology"), the Friedmann expansion for V can be denved without reference to anything outside of it so "Remove" the Exterior (same expansion behavior) When the universe becomes inhomogeneous, however, then individually-clustered & vorticity-stabilizedobjects become gravitational attractors, which pull on all other mass

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2007b, 2008a), with the conclusion that a new concordance cosmology without ex-otic dark energy based on a realistic average of the observed structures is a likely possibility In this paper I will brie?y outline the key physical ingredients of the new interpretation 2 Geometrical Averaging and Geometrical Variance

Explaining the accelerating expansion of the universe without

universe without dark energy cosmology, which includes dark energy (top left panel, red), the new Avera model, that considers the structure Concordance cosmology without dark energy arxiv

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Gravitational energy as “dark energy” Towards concordance cosmology without David L Wiltshire (University of Canterbury, NZ) DLW: New J Phys 9 (2007) 377

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What kind of entities are dark matter and dark energy? What is Going back to cosmology What is The concordance model is empirically supported not just

A comprehensive comparison of cosmological models from the

We do not assume a flat universe in the fitting Our results show that the concordance cold dark matter (CDM) model remains the best model to explain the

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