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1: Conservation biology: past and present Curt Meine 7 1 1 Historical foundations of conservation biology 7 Box 1 1: Traditional ecological knowledge and biodiversity conservation (Fikret Berkes)8 1 2 Establishing a new interdisciplinary ?eld 12 1 3 Consolidation: conservation biology secures its niche 15 1 4 Years of growth and evolution 16

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conservation biology and the natural resource fields, especially fisheries bi- ology, forestry, and wildlife manage- ment Nevertheless, two characteris- tics of these fields often distinguish them from conservation biology The first is the dominance in the resource fields of utilitarian, economic objec- tives

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conservation biology brought the theme of biological diversity to the fore In so doing, conservation biology has recon-nected conservation to deep sources in Western natural history and science, and to cultural tradi-tions of respect for the natural world both within and beyond the Western experience (see Box 1 1 and Chapter 14)

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section describes conservation strategies of genetic diversity Fiedler, Peggy L and Subodh K Jain, eds Conservation Biology: The Theory and Practice of Nature Conservation Preservation and Management New York: Chapman and Hall, 1992 A collection of essays combining theory, lessons learned from the past, and current measures

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Conservation Education Principles of Conservation Biology: Recommended Guidelines for Conservation Literacy from the Education Committee of the Society for Conservation Biology? We live in a world of diminished eco-logical diversity We extract energy, materials, and organisms from nature and modify landscapes at rates that cannot be sustained

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1985 American Institute of Biological Sciences December 1985 Michael E Soule Although crisis oriented, conservation biology is concerned with

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This course covers the causes and consequences of biodiversity loss, and prepares students science-based careers in Conservation Biology The class begins by

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What is Conservation Biology? An overview “Crisis Discipline” Response to: Biodiversity loss Declining Biodiversity Examples

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Definition of Conservation Biology; Habitat Loss and Fragmentation; Invasive Species; Disease Ecology; Ecotoxicology; What Can We Do? Goals for the day

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