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FACULTY OF BIOLOGY Conservation Ecology Module code BIO 40307 Module level Undergraduate Abbreviation, if applicable - Sub-heading, if applicable - Courses included in the module, if applicable - Semester/term Even Module coordinator(s) Prof Dr Tjut Sugandawaty Djohan, M Sc Lecture(s) Prof Dr Tjut Sugandawaty Djohan, M Sc

[PDF] Program of Study:Conservation Biology Printed: August 05

To ensure that Conservation Biology undergraduates obtain both strength and breadth of knowledge, 30 elective credit hours must be distributed in a way that satisfies seven requirements (A-F, below) A Field Experience Elective At least three elective credits must come from an approved field course in biology, either at Cranberry Lake Biological

[PDF] Genomics and the future of conservation genetics

tify those problems in conservation biology in which genomics will be most valuable in providing new insights and understanding The second is to provide guidelines as to which new genomics approaches will be most appropriate for the different problems in conservation that can benefit from genetic analysis

[PDF] ConservationBioh Environmental Synergisms and Extinctions of

special section in Conservation Biology on synergistic effects in fragmented landscapes (Laurance & Cochrane 2001), including studies of how impacts of fragmenta- tion can be exacerbated by livestock grazing and weed invasions (Hobbs 2001), hunting (Peres 2001), drought (Laurance & Williamson 2001), and air pollution (Weath- ers et al 2001)

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Some common terms in conservation science have multiple meanings (e g , biological diversity [avoid biodiversity], wildlife, connectivity, stakeholder) Provide definitions of such terms and of specialized terms at first use in the Abstract and in the body of the paper Abbreviations and acronyms Do not begin a sentence with an abbreviation

[PDF] Conservation Biology Style Guide for Authors - The Society for

Conservation Biology tries to balance the depth of each article with the number Define abbreviations in a footnote even if they are already defined in the text

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Conservation Biology 29: in press ) Conservation Biology 33: in press In text Define abbreviations in a footnote even if they are already defined in the text


ABBREVIATIONS AES Automated Export System BIS Bureau of Principal Investigator PM Project Manager SCBI Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute


Current Course Title: Conservation Biology New Course Title: 25-Character Abbreviation (if new title): Sponsor(s): Ellen Department(s): Biological Sciences

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