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Supplemental Guide for Forensic Psychiatry - ACGME

Explains the purpose of criminal diversion programs Recognizes that youth involved in the juvenile justice system may have unique evaluation requests, such as amenability to treatment within the juvenile justice system Discusses the importance of assessing malingering in forensic evaluations within the criminal justice system


criminal behaviour offers an opportunity to the public at large to expand their knowledge on the importance of practicing and equipping oneself with healthy psychological traits to hinder from criminal and delinquent acts ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry, Vol 16 (2): July – December 2015: XX XX

Law and Psychiatry

CRIMINAL RESPONSIBILITY First, a criminal-sounding act is not a crime until a judge or jury says it is a crime The law says almost all crimes have two parts: the potentially criminal physical act and the mental intent to behave criminally Both the physical and the mental (intent) parts have to be proved in order to convict the defendant

Handbook of Forensic Psychiatric Practice in Capital Cases

and all those involved in the criminal justice process The authors are grateful to Oxford University Press for its permission to use some text, amended, from Eastman N, Adshead G, Fox S, Latham R, Whyte S, Williams H Oxford Specialist Handbook of Forensic Psychiatry, Second Edition, Oxford University Press (publication 2019) and Eastman

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