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[PDF] [PDF] Articles with geographical names exercise 1

Articles with Geographical Names Exercise 1 Choose 'the' or 'no article' 1 I went sailing around _____ Lake Geneva 2 I've been living in _____ London 

[PDF] [PDF] Articles with Geographical Names - IS MUNI

EXCERCISES: 1 Insert the definite article where appropriate a) United Kingdom b) Germany c) 


Generally, the definite article "the" in geographical names is not capitalized (the Indian Ocean; the Nile River; the Philippines; the Alps)

[PDF] [PDF] Zero article or “the” with place names

Zero article or “the” with place names Most place names are used with zero, Geographical areas: Central Asia, Inner the Arctic, the Balkans,

[PDF] [PDF] The definite article - Editions Ellipses

Exercises - Exercices 8 1 The definite article - L'article défini $ Complete the following sentences with µa¶, µan¶, µsome¶

[PDF] [PDF] Definite Article (use the before): Zero Article - TIME

Worksheet for students 4 GEOGRAPHY IN ENGLISH 1 ARTICLES AND (not only) GEOGRAPHY Definite Article (use the before): Zero Article rivers (the Elbe)

[PDF] [PDF] The definite article exercises pdf - Reiki Roots

Definite and Indefinite Articles - Italian Exercise Exercise to test your of placesWorksheet Download: definite-article-geography-worksheet docx (scroll 

[PDF] [PDF] Prepositions à, de with geographical names - Vula

Geographical names have gender and number with the definite articles, it results in five In general, there is an article before the name of a

[PDF] [PDF] Manual for the national standardization of geographical names

standardization of geographical names at the national level and standard names contain the definite article and standardize them accordingly; and for


Generally, the definite article "the" in geographical names is not capitalized like are capitalized if they are part of a geographical name (the North Sea; Highway , the Pan American Highway, the Lincoln Highway, the FDR Drive exercises

[PDF] [PDF] English as a Second Language (ESL): Use of Articles - Germanna

definite article is used for a specific member(s) of a group the name of a country or geographical location if the name suggests that it contains The flowchart below, featured in the worksheet Articles by the Connors Writing Center at the

[PPT] [DOC] Definite and Indefinite Articles Articles with Singular Countable

Either a definite (the) or an indefinite (a, an) article is used with a singular countable noun Names of sports or recreational activities, such as football, baseball, tennis, golf, dance, chess, singing Geographic Eastern Europe, the North Pole

[PPT] [PPT] Articles: a/an/the - Ana Leiva at EOI Accitania

Like adjectives, articles modify nouns English has two We call the the definite article and a/an the indefinite article the = definite Geographical use of the

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