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What is astrology? • Beginnings were different than what we thing of today • Seven known objects that wandered through the sky • Days 

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Most people know their zodiac sign: to be a Cancer sign signifies that at that individual's birth, the Sun (when projected on the sky) was in the position 


distinguish between astronomy and astrology When in celestial science was always an 'astrologer', as if the nomos was among the stars themselves, 


When a distinction was made, we can see in the very names which subject was considered more im- portant: astrology means the science of the stars whereas 

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Three difference between astrology and astronomy Water signs (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio) exhibit vastly different personality traits from fire signs 

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NY ES Educator); data from http://en wikipedia org/wiki/Zodiac and that the sun stays in each constellation for a different amount of time, depending on Astronomers also know that the direction the earth is pointing in changes slightly over

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Astrology and Astronomy: From Conjunction to Opposition Nowadays astrology is at odds with the scientific evident differences between those with the

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Astronomy vs Why is Astrology not a science? stars within an official constellation or a pattern in the sky made from stars that are in different constellations

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Class 1: From Astrology to Astronomy –The history of looking up at the sky Class 2: A Trip Different ancient cultures had different constellations What is SETI?

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Astronomy is perhaps the oldest science What is “our” place in the universe and how do we fit in? Astronomers never try to contact dead Astrologers

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Understand the astronomical term Zodiac and appreciate its historical origin the difference between the science of astronomy and the study of astrology


This unit attempts to debunk astrology and explain the differences between it and astronomy Astrology is also used here to introduce constellations

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