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The key to success is to understand the rocks with tools to interpret and define lithology, porosity, fluids, pore pressure and reservoir quality; providing 

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The course is a five day program designed for experienced geologists and geophysicists responsible for hydrocarbon exploration It is delivered in a 

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mass justify the distinction between the two In general rock consists of minerals, grouped in certain shapes, with openings that can be filled with

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10 déc 2018 · The variation of the Bahi facies does not compare to the distribution of porosity and permeability except for the large-scale variation of 

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30 août 2021 · The term Petrophysics is different from geophysics as the later deals determining of Hydrocarbon Reserves deposited in the rocks The

[PDF] [PDF] The Marrying of Petrophysics with Geophysics Results in a Powerful

The integration of well logs with seismic data is challenging because they are presented in different domains Well logs are displayed in units of microseconds/ ft,

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logging papers of the 6th international symposium on borehole geophysics ( Santa Fé when petrophysics is concerned, the application of rock physics into well Hence the difference in physical properties between rock material and rock

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