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P r o c e d i a - S o c i a l a n d B e h a v i o r a l S c i e n c e s 1 3 0 ( 2 0 1 4 ) 4 9 9 – 5 0 8 Available online at www sciencedirect com

[PDF] Environmental performance analysis of residential buildings

Environmental performance abstract This paper aims to quantify the environmental performance of four typical Brazilian residential buildings with different typologies, through the complete Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) from ‘‘cradle to grave” The LCA considers eight impact categories, including carbon emissions and energy demand Our analysis

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[17], environmental performance indicators were considered in managerial decision makings [18], and externally communicated in form of environmental reports [19] The European Environmental Agency [20] and the Organization for Economic Co -operation and Development [21] def ine envir onmental indicator as an observed value representative

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Jul 29, 2022 · 2022 Environmental Performance Index Technical Appendix This technical appendix is a companion document to the 2022 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) report It contains additional details about the methods used in the 2022 EPI Along with the files available online, the purpose of this technical appendix is to provide all

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researched environmental performance in the meat chain, especially the poultry chain There are papers targeting different aspects of the poultry meat chain, but there is an evident lack of studies concerning life-cycle assessment (LCA) approach for the environmental performance of an overall poultry meat chain Table 1 gives an overview of

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ISO 14001 applies the environmental feat ures that the organization recognizes wh ich it can control and influence It does not state any specific environmental performance criteria Therefore, this research is a study on the effect of existence of environmental disclosure towards the financial performance especially for the public-listed

[PDF] Empirical Analysis on Environmental Disclosure and Environmental

Available online at www sciencedirect com Environmental Performance Level of Listed Steel Companies Z G Liu a*,b Environmental disclosure and Environmental performance evaluation are the fundamentals of establishing a fair

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Accounting Environmental Performance and Reporting: Perceptions of Managers and Accounting Professionals in Hong Kong Bikki Jaggi and Ronald Zhao

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link between national culture and environmental performance for countries, < 1 - https://www sciencedirect com/science/article/pii/S0921800915000191

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First, the environmental regulations of the International Maritime Organization how greening operations are related to firm performance in shipping operations

[PPT] [DOC] Author's version The final publication in Journal of Urban Health is

Association between ambient noise exposure and school performance of Environmental noise from roads, rails, airports, and industrial sites is known Available at: http://www sciencedirect com/science/article/pii/ B9780444522726002610

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