Comparative law book

  • What is comparative constitutional law Cambridge?

    Comparative constitutional law is an intellectually vibrant field that encompasses an increasingly broad array of approaches and methodologies.
    This series collects analytically innovative and empirically grounded work from scholars of comparative constitutionalism across academic disciplines..

  • Comparative legal history is the study of law in two or more different places or at different times.
    As a discipline, it emerged between 1930 and 1960 in response to legal formalism, and builds on scattered uses of legal-historical comparison since antiquity.
    It uses the techniques of legal history and comparative law.
$49.99Suitable for students taking courses in comparative law and related fields, this book offers a fresh and cosmopolitan perspective on the subject.

What is a 3rd issue in Comparative Law?

A third issue is not the how but the equally complex problem of what to research; in other words, what the right questions are

This issue demands a specific awareness of the problem as well as abilities of abstraction and reconceptualization, all honed by comparative law

What's new in Zweigert & Kötz's introduction to comparative law?

Outlines all the major legal systems of the world and details individual areas of law within these systems This third edition of the modern classic Zweigert & Kötz's Introduction to Comparative Law is fully revised and updated, but its familiar structure and easy style remain the same

English book written in 1948

A First Book of English Law is a book originally written by Owen Hood Phillips and subsequently edited by him and Anthony Hugh Hudson.
It was published by Sweet and Maxwell.
Crane praised it for its lucidity, accuracy, brevity and readability and said that it was deservedly acclaimed.


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