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[PDF] [PDF] Body Piercings – The Complete Guide

piercing the industrial piercing consists of two pierced holes connected with one single piece of jewelry This piercing is usually located on the upper 
body piercings guide pdf


Nose piercings can close within hours so never leave the piercing without jewelry • The special nose stud is designed to be worn with the stem pointing up the 


The aftercare you give your piercing will determine how well and how quickly it Niobium solid 14K Gold or Acrylic/PTFE is used for initial piercings
PDFs PiercingAftercare

[PDF] [PDF] Steel and Silver

For Industrial barbell Nipple Tongue and Navel piercings 1 6mm is the norm for the majority of Piercers Titanium Gold PVD Threadless (TL) Basics

[PDF] [PDF] Classic Jewellery Prices - Holier Than Thou

Body Piercing Tattoo and Modification We offer a walk-in service for piercings jewellery such as Maria Tash Industrial Strength BVLA Body
price list

[PDF] [PDF] Amazing-Catalog-2021-22pdf

AMAZING BODY JEWELRY les facilita su página Web donde encontraran las For Industrial barbell Nipple Tongue and Navel piercings 1 6mm is the norm for 
Amazing Catalog

[PDF] [PDF] Piercing Pamphlet - Artwell's Body Art

Types of Jewelry Piercing Aftercare Piercing Size Chart Measuring Guide Daith Industrial / Scaffold Tragus Anti-Tragus Helix Snug / Anti-Helix
ABA Piercing Pamphlet

[PDF] [PDF] APP_Initial_Printpdf - Association of Professional Piercers

standard for initial piercing jewelry: the part of the jewelry that passes through Surface anchor photo courtesy of Industrial Strength Body Jewelry 
APP Initial Print

[PDF] [PDF] AUPP Piercer Periodical - Materials (Dec 2021)

Table of Contents Materials: Metal heads 1 A brief history of piercing materials 3 Body jewellery materials 5 Titanium 6 Niobium 7 Steel 8 Gold
AUPP Piercer Periodical Materials Dec

[PDF] [PDF] 15 QUESTIONS - Metal Mafia

Novelty navel jewelry is not intended for initial piercings and should only National Surface Piercing Day Industrial Strength LLC Sharp Ass Needles
MMEzineSep Web

[PPT],[Doc] Industrial piercing gold

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