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Urine may irritate the area but usually does not cause infection • Keep the new piercing clean • Never touch it with dirty hands • During sexual contact use 

[PDF] [PDF] Bleeding bruising discoloration and/or swelling are not uncommon

Bleeding bruising discoloration and/or swelling are not uncommon Any break in the skin including a new piercing can bleed or bruise
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[PDF] [PDF] Chronic Ink - Aftercare Products

A “bump” forming on one or both sides of your piercing can be a common problem for piercings that are harder to heal such as in cartilage or high-motion areas
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[PDF] [PDF] Do you pierce children? - Poppy's Parlour LLC

Tragus Rook Industrial: 14+ years of age Any body piercing has the risks of rejection migration and infection “bump” can/will go away
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[PDF] [PDF] Aftercare Instructions - Old Traditions Body Art

Special Tip: Bridge piercings are notorious for developing irritation bumps! Follow specific “irritation bump aftercare” and consult your piercer if bumps 
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[PDF] [PDF] suggested aftercare for body piercings

irritated On average it can take 6 months - 1 year to heal You must clean this piercing religiously as it can turn on a dime and a small bump may form
After Care Pamphlet

[PDF] [PDF] Industrial technology and design guideline - Education Queensland

This Guideline document on managing safety in Industrial Technology and Design or widespread complaints of illness discomfort irritation or excessive 
industrial technology and design guideline

[PDF] [PDF] guidelines for personal protective equipment (ppe) ehs

Skin and eye irritation objects and piercing and industrial activities the supervisor must evaluate the hazards and select foot protection

[PDF] [PDF] • Our Industry Mourns; A Memorial for Mark–p 8 • The Importance of

For this writing let's focus on cartilage piercings That's an irritation bump that is Industrial Strength UK the official
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