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[PDF] Module Title

JSON documents in tables and queries JSON documents through a JSON query language. It currently supports SQL Server and MariaDB as the underlying database.
JsonServer User Manual

[PDF] Native JSON Datatype Support: Maturing SQL and NoSQL

Microsoft SQL Server [10] MySQL [12]
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SQL Server Advanced Data Types: JSON XML


[PDF] Big Data Management System

20 oct. 2016 Growing influence on server side coding (Node.js) ... Example JSON document ... Full query capabilities using JSON Path XQuery and SQL.
cr json technical overview

TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise Activities Triggers


[PDF] Querying JSON with Oracle Database 12c Release 2

Complex Queries on JSON content using SQL/JSON. 11. Relational access to JSON content In the example above the JSON represents a Purchase Order object.
sql json wp

[PDF] Comparing Two SQL-Based Approaches for Querying JSON: SQL++

The SQL++ example queries that you are about to read are written in N1QL and have run successfully on Couchbase Server and (with minor syntactic variations) 
Comparing Two SQL Based Approaches WP

EEA Discodata

30 records See the Discodata JSON for more information. ... various WISE SOE database queries in the SQL query examples to get an idea on how the SQL works.

[PDF] microsoft-sql-server.pdf

3 mars 2011 Chapter 49: JSON in Sql Server. 146. Syntax. 146. Parameters. 146. Remarks. 146. Examples. 146. Format Query Results as JSON with FOR JSON.
microsoft sql server

[PDF] Microsoft SQL Server 2019 to Amazon Aurora MySQL Migration

SQL Server to Aurora MySQL Migration Playbook: Microsoft SQL Server Unused CTE query definition. ... For more information see JSON and XML (p. 165).
dms mpb sql server to aurora mysql

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