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the 1960s hiring top-quality faculty in economics and management Today UT1's school of economics and institute of business administration have reputations
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Maître de Conférences en Sciences Economiques UT1-Capitole Membre élu du Conseil d'Administration de l'Ecole d'Economie de Toulouse 2011-2015

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The University of Texas System Administration (U T System Administration) is committed to the highest ethical standards in the pursuit of the U T System mission U T System Administration values integrity trust and credibility respect for the individual a culture of open and honest communication and requires all operations to
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The use of leap seconds ensures that UT1 - UTC will always be held within f0 9 s The current value of UT1 UTC is called the DUTl correction DUTl corrections are broadcast by WWV WWVH WWVB and GOES and are printed below These corrections may be added to received UTC time signals in order to obtain UT1 +0 7s beginning 0000 UTC 01 January 1999

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Basic Steps in the Process STEP 1 ‐Print Statement(s) of Account STEP 2 ‐Gather documentation and supplies STEP 3 ‐Verify that prior month’s ending balance agrees with current

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The Université de Toulouse 1 (UT1) Capitole has its roots in a faculty of canonical law established in 1229 Well known for its reputation in law and political science the university has diversified its research and academic programs since the 1960s hiring top-quality faculty in economics and management Today UT1’s
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UT1 series Rotational variations caused by solid-Earth and ocean tides were also removed from the UT1 values The e ect of the solid-Earth tides was removed by using the model of Yoder et al (1981); the model of Kantha et al (1998) was used to remove the e ect upon UT1 of the ocean tides at the Mf Mf0 and Mm tidal frequencies Since the

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54 a federal agency charged with the administration of an unemployment compensation program 55 or free public employment offices 56 (8) "Employment Security Administration Fund" means the fund established by 57 Section 35A-4-505 and from which administrative expenses under this chapter shall be paid - 2 -

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Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) International Radio Interferometric Surveying (IRIS) Intensive UT1 series were used until it ended on December 31 1994; measurements from the United States Naval Observatory (USNO) National Earth Orientation Service (NEOS) Intensive

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