Verbal communication definition and types

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➢ In oral communication Spoken words are used ➢ It includes face-to-face conversations speech telephonic conversation video radio television voice 
Chapter Types of communication


Communication through radio television or mobile phones is also called verbal communication • The series of words and grammar rules define the language
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There are at least three general types of communication goals: Verbal or spoken communication includes informal staff meetings

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Words as we are all aware can be written or spoken Thus verbal communication can further be divided into two types: (a) Oral Communication: “A wound 

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Verbal communication involves the use of language Notice that the word use is emphasized in this definition When discussing verbal communica-

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Meaning of Communication Communication is the act of sharing information There are three forms of communication which are verbal communication written
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3 avr 2020 · non-verbal elements of communication used to modify meaning and convey emotion Paralanguage may be expressed consciously or unconsciously
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Non verbal communication is of different types: a) Expressions Complementary: Non-verbal cues complement a verbal message by adding to its meaning

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types of communication verbal communication can be in the spoken or the written form Oral Communication - Meaning Advantages and Limitations
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