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AFFIRMED - In appellate courts it means that the decision of the trial court is correct. AFTER ACQUIRED INTENT – When the defendant did not intend to 
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involved can affect a given definition usage. Accordingly a legal dictionary should only be used as a CCstarting point" for definitions.
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and how the meaning of words changes with the passage of time. Bliss A.J. (1966) Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases in Current English.
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Hindi And Urdu Are Being Taught very horrible face of his society and its history. ... Has also published several books in translation.
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Hindi And Urdu Are Being Taught. In Japan For A Century Now We carry its translation by Prof. ... very horrible face of his society and its history.
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Falaknuma literally means "Star of Heaven" in Urdu. Farakka Express means Rama-of-the-axe. He received an axe after undertaking a terrible penance.
Etymology of Train Names of Indian Railways

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel inhuman or

This prohibition forms part of customary interna- tional law which means that it is binding on every member of the inter- national community
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Explicitation and implicitation in translation

translation. A corpus-based study of English-German and. German-English translations of business texts. Dissertation zur Erlangung der Würde des.

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His views as a reviewer on the novel's translation are equally important. Shrilal creative output like Premchand was first in Urdu and later in Hindi.
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Treasure Island-Robert Louis Stevenson

for a piece of incivility like tonight's I'll take effectual means to have very loud and hard
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