Industrial piercing length

[PDF] Gauge Sizes Ball & Stone Diameters - Painful Pleasures

The inner diameter is measured in a straight line across the center inside the ring Print this chart and use the length of the lines below to measure your 
Printable Body Jewelry Measuring Chart

[PDF] Body Piercings – The Complete Guide

Industrial barbells are used in the upper part of the ear These require two piercing holes and the barbell is worn slightly diagonally from the top of the ear 
body piercings guide pdf

[PDF] Piercing Pamphlet - Artwell's Body Art

Standard Piercing: Healing Time: Jewelry Sizes: Jewelry Styles: 18g to 20g 6-10 weeks 1/4 inch Rings captive bead rings circular barbells curved barbells 
ABA Piercing Pamphlet


Healing may take 12-24 weeks depending on location of piercing • Avoid touching the stud unnecessarily • Nose piercings can close within hours so never 

[PDF] Amazing-Catalog-2021-22pdf

For Industrial barbell Nipple Tongue and Navel piercings 1 6mm is the norm for Size (length) is indicated only in mm (please refer to green markings)
Amazing Catalog

[PDF] Test Lead Kit - Diverse Electronics

TL740 Industrial Plunger Style Test Clips Sharp point for piercing insulation • 1000V 16A IV-600V; CAT III-1000V; 1" (26mm) jaw length;

[PDF] Henrob rivet catalog Atlas Copco

Henrob self‐piercing rivets *See detail on nominal Rivet Length page 18 length/diameter combination – contact Atlas Copco for more detail 
henrob rivet catalog

[PDF] 2022 Wholesale Price List - Body Circle Designs

of an industrial piercing Solid Titanium See page 9 for details prices 3/16” long add any barbell end To calculate the total length add 3/16”

[PDF] Bleeding bruising discoloration and/or swelling are not uncommon

For above-the-neck piercings try sleeping with your head elevated above jewelry is appropriate in terms of metal content style and size
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