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Introduction: le tourisme dans l'Arctique/Introduction: Tourism in the

Introduction: le tourisme dans l'Arctique. Sous la direction de: Daniela Tommasini*. Les deux dernières décennies ont vu une croissance rapide de l'activité 

Introduction to the 2008 Circum-Arctic Resource Appraisal (CARA

7 лист. 2017 р. U.S. Geological Survey photo by Thomas Moore. Page 3. Introduction to the 2008 Circum-Arctic Resource. Appraisal (CARA) Professional Paper.
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Arctic Fox EN

Introduction. This animal. • raises its young in dens up to 300 years old with as many as 100 entrances. • is the smallest canid
arctic fox en

Arctic Soils and Permafrost: Introduction

Arctic Soils and Permafrost: Introduction. Marilyn D. Walker. Tundra Ecosystem Analysis and. Mapping Laboratory Institute of. Arctic and Alpine Research

Mineral Resources in the Arctic: An Introduction

Mineral Resources Arctic Shortver Eng


CODE OF ETHICS ARCTIC ECONOMIC COUNCIL. INTRODUCTION. The code of ethics is intended to highlight the organization's ethic values. It applies to.
Code of Ethics

Introduction: feminist approaches and the study of gender in Arctic

14 серп. 2018 р. To cite this article: Vladislava Vladimirova & J. Otto Habeck (2018) Introduction: feminist approaches and the study of gender in Arctic ...

Introduction to Arctic Collections and Museology

Introduction to Arctic Collections 23. The Growing Interest of European Museum and Cultural. Institutions for Their Heritage Outside Europe.

13996/19 CDP/nj 1 ECOMP 3 B I. INTRODUCTION 1. The Council

21 лист. 2019 р. The Council Conclusions on "Space solutions for a sustainable Arctic" have been prepared in view of the Competitiveness Council to be held ...

Arctic Freshwater Synthesis: Introduction

21 лист. 2015 р. Arctic Freshwater Synthesis: Introduction. T. Prowse1 A. Bring2