Introduction definition of the climate change

Guide on climate-related and environmental risks: Supervisory

Following the adoption of the Paris Agreement on climate change1 and the UN 2030 material physical and transition risks which means that it could be ...
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The concept of 'climate refugee' - Towards a possible definition

With climate change the number of 'climate refugees' will rise in the future. So far

Understanding Human Rights and Climate Change

cooperation to provide developing countries “with appropriate means and facilities to foster their. 7 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 

Sensitivity analysis of climate-change related transition risks

INTRODUCTION. 5. RISKS RELATED TO CLIMATE CHANGE. 6. Asset side transition risk. 6. Life unit-linked and index linked portfolios.
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Guidelines on reporting climate-related information

17 Jun 2019 14 Article 19a(1) of Directive 2013/34/EU (introduced by Directive ... Climate change adaptation means anticipating the adverse effects of ...
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Climate Value-at-Risk (

Companies are affected by climate change in different ways. Extreme weather could damage assets at a company facility or the introduction of new climate 
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Climate Change Act 2008

26 Nov 2008 (2) “UK domestic action on climate change” means reductions in UK ... (c) the time-scales for introducing those proposals and policies.
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Climate Change 2007: Impacts Adaptation and Vulnerability

Introduction. 6. G. Definitions of key terms. Climate change in IPCC usage refers to any change in climate over time whether due to natural variability or 
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Environmental Reporting Guidelines: Including streamlined energy

The Climate Disclosure Standards Board's Climate Change Reporting Under changes introduced by the 2013 and 2018 Regulations quoted.
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Climate Change and Social Inequality*

Keywords: Climate change; inequality; exposure; susceptibility; ability to cope and recover; adaptation. Page 2. CONTENTS. 1. Introduction . . .