Order of blood flow through the vessels

Autoregulation of blood flow within individual arterioles in the rat

branching order arterioles and instantaneous blood flows within each arteriole were led to a significant vasoconstriction of the smaller vessels

Blood Flow through Terminal Arterial Vessels after Denervation of

BLOOD FLOW THROUGH TERMINAL ARTERIAL VESSELS order vessels. The final vessel before the capillary net is called the terminal arteriole.

A one-dimensional model of viscous blood flow in an elastic vessel

30 mars 2015 Blood vessels form one of the most complicated and important systems ... system which can provide a reverse blood flow (in the direction to ...

Well‐balanced high‐order solver for blood flow in networks of

31 juil. 2013 models one-dimensional flow in blood vessels with variable mechanical and geometrical properties along their length. Using a suitable set of ...

Brit. J. Anaesth. (1969) 41


effect of uterine contractions on maternal blood flow through the

The placental blood flow is a function of the and in order to avoid any passage of radioiso- ... circulation of blood through the occluded vessels.
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In order to reduce AVF needle injuries proper cannulation to the vessel wall
Fistula Bulletin

Re-orchestration of blood flow by micro-circulations

19 janv. 2018 references vessel order to the capillary. These ... Delivery Blood reaches the eye through tiers of arcades (Figure 2).
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Reduced-order modeling of hemodynamics across macroscopic

blood flow model interacting with a microvascular architecture through vessels structural mechanical models and subject to a scale-dependent blood rheology 

Blood flow through cerebral collateral vessels in hypertensive and

SUMMARY We tested the hypothesis that blood flow through cerebral collateral vessels is lower in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRSP) than 

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