Order of pathway of blood through the heart

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Lesson Two: Students will learn about the path blood takes through the heart and out to the body. EXTEND WITH STEM. • The four valves that keep blood moving in 

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BLOOD FLOW IN THE HEART. 1. Blood enters right atrium from superior and inferior vena cavae. 2. Blood in right atrium flows through right AV valve 
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Arrows show the path of blood flow in the human heart. The blood

The blood enters the heart from the body through the superior vena cava and the inferior vena cava. Then the blood enters the right atrium chamber of the heart.
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The Heart and the Pathway of Blood

valve into the right ventricle. The semilunar valve prevents blood from re- entering the heart and so deoxygenated blood is pumped through the pulmonary artery 
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The right atrium contracts and pumps the blood through the tricuspid valve (right AV valve) into the right ventricle. 3. The right ventricle then pumps blood 
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coronary sinus. CERTAIN CONGENITAL ANOMALIES repre- sent major or absolute barriers to the flow of blood through the left side of the heart. Mitral atresia.

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or using these figures as templates for your institution's EHR programming teams. Common Factors That Can Contribute to Worsening Heart Failure …

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567 (any order) (Record all three digits of your answer in any order in the ... Diagram of Blood Flow Through a Two‑compartment Artificial Heart.
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Red Flag Sepsis!! Start Sepsis 6 pathway NOW (see overleaf)

Heart rate 91-130 OR new dysrhythmia pathway. Clinician to make antimicrobial prescribing decision within 3h ... Take blood cultures.
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