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common multiple of the denominators. • Rewrite each fraction as an equivalent fraction whose denominator is the LCD. • Compare the numerators. You Try. 4 
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Ordering Fractions. Video 144 on www.corbettmaths.com. Question 1: Arrange the following sets of fractions in order from smallest to largest.
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Comparing and ordering fractions (incl. equivalence) numerator denominator multiple. Equivalent fractions need to be found so that all of the.
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Read each question carefully before you begin answering it. 2. Donʼt spend too long on one question. 3. Attempt every question.
ordering fractions pdf

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27 janv. 2017 Worksheet p4 - look at the first question together discuss how we can compare fractions with different denominators - by converting to the ...
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Worksheet. Page. Number. Notes. Use common factors to Compare and order fractions ... You may wish to write the fractions with a common denominator.

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Ryan's third fraction is . This is because if all the fractions are multiplied the lowest common denominator would be 40. This would mean is equivalent to
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order and compare fractions whose denominators are all multiples

Both of these circles have been split into a multiple of 5 therefore we can compare them. Comparing Fractions. 2. 5. 4. 10. Page 5 
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Making Equivalent Fractions (Using Common Denominators). Using Estimation to Compare Fractions We can estimate fractions by rounding to 0 1/2

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Greater Depth Use digit cards to complete a comparison statement comparing fractions less than 1 where the missing denominators have common factors or 
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