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sgcWebSockets 2022.6

WebSocket Parameters Connection . Connect WebSocket Server. ... Delphi 7 (* only supported if upgraded to Indy 10 Intraweb is not supported).

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sgcWebSockets .NET 2022.6

WebSockets represent a long-awaited evolution in client/server web technology. ...

OCPP 2.0: Part 4 - JSON over WebSockets implementation guide

WebSockets. For the connection between a Charging Station and a Charging Station Management System (CSMS) using OCPP-J the CSMS acts as a WebSocket server 
OCPP . part ocpp j specification

sgcWebSockets 2022.6

Connect WebSocket Server. Binance Subscribe WebSocket Channel. ... Support for JSON parsers: Delphi JSON and XSuperObject. Built-in Javascript libraries ...

Developer's Guide - v1

Compiling and Testing a Delphi Application 1 Development Server ... Thinfinity® VirtualUI™ Server is an HTTPS/WebSocket Server that maintains the.
Thinfinity.VirtualUI v .Guide


17 nov. 2019 In order to push data to the web interface visionserver runs a websocket server at ws://limelight.local:5805. This websocket publishes ...

Delphi Udp Client Server Example

Websocket is the fastest growing protocol standard these days. If client server delphi clients and udp receive a serious concern ourselves with atm in 
delphi udp client server example

Connection Strings in Firebird 3

including server-local connections using local loopback. protocol most familiar to Delphi application developers
ConnectionStrings Fb

Evaluating Web Development Frameworks for Delphi

3 avr. 2019 Delphi MVC. Framework. • mORMot. • Mars Curiosity. Server. Focused ... Extension to WebBroker and additional components for WebSockets.
Evaluating Web Development Frameworks for Delphi