03 ffl (c&r) with the required ca c.o.e. (certificate of eligibility)


Curio or Relic Firearm Report Submission Requirements. State law requires all California Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL) holding a type "03" license 

Application for Federal Firearms License

NOTE: A fingerprint card and photograph are NOT required if applying for a Type 03 license only. a. ATF Form 7/7CR Part B Responsible Person Questionnaire

BOF 961 Collector In-State Acquisition of Curio or Relic Long Gun

Justice to perform firearms eligibility checks of all relevant state and federal (FFL type 03) in California who have a current COE may acquire curio or ...


If current address is on id the 2nd proof can be CCW Permit COE
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DROS Entry System (DES) Firearms Dealership User Guide

State of California. COE Holder. A COE Holder is someone who holds an active. Dealership type COE number. COE Number. Certificate of Eligibility Number 
dros entry guide

EXHIBIT 7 cont.

Aug 5 2019 Collector - This waiting period exemption requires a valid 03 FFL and ... Loan between two California residents with an anticipated return ...
Rhode v. Becerra Ehibit Continued

Forms Being Adopted - California Department of Justice - CA.gov

coHactor lo.state Ac;mlsfflon or Curto or ReHc Long Gun Report Requirements. Federally licensed collectors (FFL type 03) In callfomla who have a cunent COE 
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AB 202 One Handgun Purchase Per 30 days

Dec 17 1999 This new law prohibits California firearm dealers from selling/transferring ... States Code and who has a current certificate of eligibility ...

Adopt Forms ID Req for Firearms Ammo Eligibility

All applicable documentation of necessity as required by California Code of collectors (FFL type 03) In callfomla who have a cunent COE may acquire ...
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Recommended minimum requirements for plumbing: report of

The factor of safety in a plumbing system and determination of the upper limit of service for a 3-inch soil stack. 146. Establishment of a factor of safety.
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