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Chemistry 30 Assessment Exemplars 2020-2021

These Chemistry 30 assessment exemplars were developed by the Provincial Assessment An elimination reaction is represented by Equation. A. I or II only.
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8.1 Introduction to Addition Reactions

Alkenes are critical precursors in the chemical industry. • 70 billion pounds of propylene So we use lower temperatures when doing an addition reaction.

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A electrophile E+
Electrophilic Addition Reactions

Chemistry 30 Student-based performance standards

In addition approximately 45% of the course expectations will be at the changes in chemical reactions. ... for an implied chemical reaction from a.
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Chapter 6: Reactions of Alkenes: Addition Reactions 6.1

6.1: Hydrogenation of Alkenes – addition of H-H (H2) to the π-bond of alkenes to afford an alkane. The reaction must be catalyzed by metals such as Pd Pt

Stereoselective Directed Aldol Reaction

Chem 115. Stereoselective Directed Aldol Reaction. Myers. Diastereofacial Selectivity in the Aldol Addition Reaction-. Zimmerman-Traxler Chair-Like 
stereoselective directed aldol reaction

CHEM 1105 REDOX REACTIONS 1. Definition of Oxidation and

CHEM 1105. REDOX REACTIONS The old definition of oxidation was "addition of oxygen". ... In reaction (a) Na is oxidized by losing electrons and O is.

Reactions of Alkenes

Electrophilic addition is probably the most common reaction of alkenes. Oxymercuration-Demercuration gives better chemical yields than the other 2 ...

Organic Chemistry

We show a general equation for an addition reaction with an alkene in Figure 10.01. Using this definition we can think of the C=C double bond shown in ...

Chapter 11 Free Radical Substitution and Addition Reactions

We will see at the end of this section why organic chemists also refer to halogen atoms as free radicals. Alkoxy Radicals. Another free radical in this chapter 

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