Addition reaction of benzene and bromine


Alkenes react spontaneously with bromine and chlorine even in dilute solution
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Alkenes react readily with bromine in an addition reaction as the double bond breaks. Benzene is resistant to addition reactions as the electrons from the 
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Bromine itself is not electrophilic enough to react with benzene. But the addition of a strong Lewis acid (electron pair acceptor) such as FeBr3

The Bromination of Naphthalene1

and bromine in benzene are recognized as polar reactions3 while the photochemical or peroxide- catalyzed4 additions to the nucleus proceed through.

Non-catalytic bromination of benzene: a combined computational

bromobenzene along with detectable (<2%) amounts of addition products such as tetra and reaction between benzene and bromine and to establish if the ...

• Benzene does not undergo electrophilic addition • It undergoes

Benzene's π electrons participate as a Lewis base in reactions with Lewis acids. • The product is formed by loss of a proton which is replaced by bromine.
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The Bromination of Aromatic Compounds with a Mixture of

catalysts the bromination of benzene is very slow. In the course of our study of some reactions bromine molecule

Benzene and Its Derivatives

Benzene does undergo chemical reactions but its characteristic reaction is substitution rather than addition. When benzene is treated with bromine in the 
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29 sept. 2016 When ethylene or cyclohexene is allowed to react with bromine (an addition reaction) a dibrominated product is formed. However
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benzene would be expected to decolourise bromine water. In fact benzene does not do this nor does benzene do the other electrophilic addition reactions 
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