Adenyl cyclase bordetella pertussis

Bordetella pertussis adenylate cyclase

inhibitory effect on the accumulation of intracelluar cAMP promoted by the internalized adenylate cyclase of urea extracts of B. pertussis organisms.

Bordetella pertussis adenylate cyclase

In Y-1 adrenal cells the urea-extract adenylate cyclase stimulates steroidogenesis. Anti-(B. pertussis) antibodies inhibit cyclase activity and prevent 

La coqueluche

Les antigènes de Bordetella pertussis. 1. 1.1 La toxine coquelucheuse. 1. 1.2 L'adénylate cyclase. 1. 1.3 L'endotoxine lipopolysaccharidique et les autres 
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Allosteric activation of Bordetella pertussis adenylyl cyclase by

20 janv. 2015 Keywords: adenylyl cyclaseBordetella pertussis

Bioengineering of Bordetella pertussis Adenylate Cyclase Toxin for

6 mai 2020 Bioengineering of Bordetella pertussis Adenylate Cyclase Toxin for. Antigen-Delivery and Immunotherapy. Toxins MDPI

Interaction of Bordetella pertussis Adenylate Cyclase with CD11b

Adenylate cyclase toxin (CyaA) is one of the major virulence factors produced by Bordetella pertussis the whooping cough agent. CyaA belongs to the repeat 

Calciumâ•'Independent Activation of Adenylate Cyclase by Calmodulin

(Fig. 1). This behavior was also seen with intact B. pertussis organisms and soluble adenylate cyclase from the culture medium. These effects were seen in 

Bordetella pertussis adenylate cyclase. Purification characterization

5 déc. 2021 The extracellular adenylate cyclase of Bordetella pertussis was purified either as a free enzyme or as a complex with calmodulin.

Adenylate cyclase toxin from Bordetella pertussis. The relationship

15 févr. 2022 Hemolytic Properties of B. pertussis Adenylate Cyclase Toxin. 3155. Culture of Organism and Purification of AC Toxin-The recombi-.

Bordetella pertussis adenylate cyclase. Identification of multiple

15 sept. 2021 specific to B. pertussis enzyme since both calmodulin- dependent brain and sperm adenylate cyclase are not affected by the antibody.

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