Adenylate cyclase activation hormone

Adenylate cyclase and cell cyclic AMP of rat cortical thick ascending

hormones act on the same adenylate cyclase moiety and on the Dose-dependent activation by PTH CT. and VP of adenvlate cyclase of rat CTAL.

Specific Binding of [3H]Lysine-Vasopressin to Pig Kidney Plasma

adenylate cyclase activity (maximum activation: 4- to 6- fold apparent Km value for the hormone: about 5 X 1OV M). Lysine-vasopressin was not inactivated.

Determination of the turn-off reaction for the hormone-activated

Previous work suggested that hormonal activation of adenylate cyclase involves the introduction of GTP to the regulatory site and subsequent hydrolysis.

Appearance of Hormone-sensitive Adenylate Cyclase in the

Receptor activation of myocardial adenylate cyclase by min after disrupti~n of the fetoplacental circulation placed in hormones (catecholamines
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Inhibition by Fluoride Ion of Hormonal Activation of Fat Cell

SUMMARY. The adenylate cyclase system in a plasma membrane-rich fraction termed “ghosts” from rat adipocytes is activated by epinephrine.
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Activation of Adenyl Cyclase by Glucagon in Cat and Human Heart

probably only a single adenyl cyclase enzyme responsive to these hormones. ADDITIONAL KEY WORDS inotropic agent norepinephrine cyclic 3'5'-AMP.

Isolation of a unique peptide inhibitor of hormone-responsive

After 15 min of perfusion a substance appeared in the per- fusate which decreased rat renal adenylate cyclase activation by parathyroid hormone (PTH).

Mechanism of adenylate cyclase activation by cholera toxin

6 juin 1977 Gpp(NH)p while adenylate cyclase not treated with toxin was stimulated by hormone plus GTP to only one-fifth of the activity.

The Vasopressin-sensitive Adenylate Cyclase of the Rat Kidney

Vasopressin binding sites (0.3 pmole per mg of protein) can be identified with the hormonal receptors involved in adenylate cyclase activation on the basis 

Adenylate Cyclase Activity in Adrenocorticotropic Hormone-sensitive

coupled to activation of adenylate cyclase. The dissociation of ACTH-stimulated adenylate cyclase activity from fluoride-stimulated activity in adrenal cell.
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