Adenylate cyclase definition

Definition of subclasses of adenosine receptors associated with

of adenylate cyclase activity in rat fat cells and for the A? adenosine receptors that definition of the nature of adenosine receptors involved in phys-.

Enzymatic Assay of ADENYLATE CYCLASE

Enzymatic Assay of ADENYLATE CYCLASE. (EC PRINCIPLE: ATP Adenylate Cyclase > 3'5'-cyclic AMP + Pyrophosphate the Unit Definition.
adenylate cyclase

Subsensitivity of adenylate cyclase and decreased beta-adrenergic

cyclase and for studying hormone interactions with the /3-adre- the adenylate cyclase enzyme itself. ... defined as the amount of radioactivity.

Bicarbonate Stimulated Adenylyl Cyclases

A defined subset of adenylyl cyclases identified in eukaryotes and prokaryotes are directly or adenylate cyclase) was subsequently demonstrated to.

Vasopressin signaling in kidney cells

without a full definition of the nature of the interaction between the hormone receptor complex and other subunits of the adenylate cyclase system defining 

Adenyl Cyclase and Cyclic AMP

action. Important in this scheme of hormone action is the receptor defined as that constituent of the target 

Structure function and evolution of microbial adenylyl and guanylyl

2 feb 2004 cAMP is synthesized by adenylyl cyclase (AC) from ATP ... cyclases ('the univer- sal class') are defined on the basis of conserved motifs.

Bordetella pertussis Adenylate Cyclase Toxin and Hemolytic

This genetic complementation defined a gene which acts in trans to activate the adenylate cyclase toxin posttranslationally. Sequence analysis of the 

Reconstitution of catecholamine-sensitive adenylate cyclase activity

13 jun 1977 enzyme activity when added to adenylate cyclase-deficient membranes. ... depleted membranes of increasing definition. The data pre-.

A Defined Subset of Adenylyl Cyclases Is Regulated by Bicarbonate

25 mar 2003 The enzyme adenylyl cyclase (AC)1 synthesizes cAMP and belongs to a large gene family consisting of six phylogenetically defined classes.

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