Agile transformation at lego group

Agile Transformation at LEGO Group

Agile Transformation at LEGO Group. Implementing Agile methods in multiple departments changed not only processes but also employees' behavior and mindset.
Agile at Lego

Agile Transformation at LEGO Group

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Transforming the LEGO Group for the Digital Economy

digital company. Keywords: Enterprise platform engagement platform
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How the LEGO Group Is Embarking on Architectural Path

At the heart of this digital transformation rests an increased orientation towards digitally enabled platform-based business models (Cusumano &. Gawer 2002; 


Préparation à la transformation agile de LEGO (Sommer 2019
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Neural Modeling of Flow Rendering Effectiveness

ANNE ABELL The LEGO Group The overall experience with the agile transformation in the Realm has previously been described in. [Sommer].
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Interventions with an IT-department – How we rallied the Kingdom to

Second author's address: Anne Abell transformation team of three employees who were joined by four external coaches
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A Study on Agile Transformation in the New Digital Age

studies on agile transformations of companies such as LEGO Ericsson

Agile–Stage-Gate for Manufacturers

7 mars 2018 Anita Friis Sommer is a senior manager and transformation lead at LEGO. Group currently responsible for an Agile transformation of two ...
Agile Stage Gate for Manufacturers in RTM Cooper Sommer March


15 mai 2012 A set of management systems was formulated and adopted to sustain the development of rural informatization such as information station ...