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An analysis of Wikipedia digital writing

a presentation of wiki as a new textual genre. Wikipedia analysis authored articles is formal and ... contrastive linguistic analysis of Wikipedia and.

On the Evolution of Wikipedia

Table 1: General statistics of the Wikipedia data used in this study formally we analyzed the data using a statistical method.

Large Formal Wikis: Issues and Solutions

16-Jul-2011 ments analysis prototyping

Assessing the Needs of Literacy personnel in Non Formal Basic

Non-formal education is an organized educational activity outside the established skill in communication an interest in the students and their study ...
Shakil Ahmad Ghazi

Design Principles of Wiki System for Knowledge Transfer and

20-Aug-2020 So as to answer these research questions this study firstly ... Explicit knowledge can be systematized and transferred in formal or ...

Deliberation and Resolution on Wikipedia: A Case Study of

We present an analysis of Requests for Comments (RfCs) one of the main vehicles on Wikipedia for formally resolving a policy or content dispute.

Bot Detection in Wikidata Using Behavioral and Other Informal Cues

method yields a high level of fitness under both formal evaluation (PR-AUC: 0.845 extensive analysis

Open Research Online

Does a Formal Wiki Event contribute to the Formation of a Network of Using social network analysis we provide empirical evidence on an informal.
Does a Formal Wiki Event contribute rehm et al

Introduction to Social Network Methods: Table of Contents

This on-line textbook introduces many of the basics of formal approaches to the analysis of social networks. The text relies heavily on the work of Freeman 
Introduction to Social Network Methods

An Analysis of Links in Wikidata

In terms of a formal backbone terminology Wikidata relies on Wikibase's minimal pre- defined schema
paper Haller et al

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