Comparative anatomy definition science

The Concept of Homology in the Light of the Comparative Anatomy

zoological sciences that of comparative anatomy

Introductory Article: Comparative Social Science: Characteristic

Research work in comparative anatomy has led to considerable progress in the science of and comparison defined in terms of a 'social-scientific method' ...

Scientific Racism and the Emergence of the Homosexual Body

Medical literature broadly defined to include the writings of physi? ology between the earlier field of comparative anatomy

Owen's Comparative Anatomy and Physiology

302 anthropological review. No student of science can carefully examine t. Professor Owen's contribution to the Compara. Vertebrates without being struck with 

The Allure of Synthesis: Science and the Literary in Comparative

Wolfgang von Goethe were influenced by the meaning of 'comparative' developed scientific discipline of comparative anatomy to discuss literature in.

Comparative Psychology: A Question of Definitions

the adjective comparative refers rather to the method of a science than to its materials. Witness comparative anatomy embryology

The Language of Objects: Christian J├╝rgensen Thomsen's Science

other museum sciences such as geology and comparative anatomy. first established


Marc-Antoine Jullien (Jullien de Paris)

consolidate his project in the style of the positive sciences: not content to define the 'science of education' by analogy with comparative anatomy 

Foreign Bodies

definition given for the English term race by Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) was in a 'complete work on the comparative anatomy of peoples' (1978:74).

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