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For example all modal harmony using three-note chords is by definition 1730
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Chord progression

IV-V-I progression in C Play Wikipedia:Media helpFile:IV-V-I while "A Whiter Shade of Pale" manages a stately two octaves before "turning around" ...
Chord progression

“A Whiter Shade of Pale”

20 sept. 2010 The study examines the method of transmission absorption
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The Faerie Queene: Book III.

dissembled it with ignorance: pretended not to understand her meaning So earely ere the grosse Earthes gryesy shade ... wox half blanck: turned pale.

The Whole Town's Sleeping by Ray Bradbury TIMES. The echoes of

warm shadows with the crickets screaming and the frogs loud. moon washed her brittle fingers whiter and she ... “Lavinia
The Whole Town is Sleeping Bradbury

Janet Schaw and the Complexions of Empire

that his ruling did not mean that slaves in Britain were free1 this was the the African tint

The floral offering ; a token of affection and esteem ; comprising the

Its meaning finds a place in their poetry The Primrose pale is Nature's meek and modest child. Balfour. ... Emblem of virtue in the shade. John Mayne.
The language of flowers The floral offering ; a token of affection and esteem ; comprising the language and poetry of flowers (IA languageflowers dumo)

Forms of Knowledge Developing the History of Knowledge Östling

10 sept. 2014 ars were curious about what the history of know ledge could mean and ... 64/4 (2010): 379−400; Ulrika Kjellman 'A Whiter Shade of Pale:.
Forms of Knowledge

Götz Keydana Wolfgang Hock and Paul Widmer (Eds.) Comparison

It provides the main types of grading and comparison as defined above. Cf. ex. (26):. (26) The dentist's teeth are whiter than snow.


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