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“You're a grumpy Bee that's so cute.” Bee is not amused. “Can you hear everything I'm saying?” Flora thinks this is quite adorable
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My two cats

f. to move your hand gently over skin hair or fur Answer. 1. Misha and Masha are Russian cats. ... They cute that we couldn't say no. were so.
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EmoElicitor: An Open Domain Response Generation Model with

Emotional response generation (ERG) is an emo- I love cats and they are so cute! ... response (from A) that merely exhibits the specified emotion.

Living in France

by these values so that they unite around shared rules. These values are present in the motto of the French Republic: Liberty Equality
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Too Cute for Words: Cuteness Evokes the Kama Muta Emotion and

They were asked to watch two videos featuring cute animals either indicating high or low communal sharing. Responses to both videos regarding cuteness 
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Role play-based question-answering by real users for building

Questions and answers were originally in. Japanese. English translations are by the authors. Question. Method. Answer. Nat. Char. You are so cute 

SuperAgent: A Customer Service Chatbot for E-commerce Websites

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Pigs are known for having curly tails. They're so cute! Experts say

Then answer the questions. ______ A. They're so cute! ______ B. Experts say that you can tell how healthy a pig is by the curl of its tail.
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STAAR Grade 4 Reading Released 2016

Then fill in the answer on your answer document. The Puppy Bowl ways puppies are very cute to watch on a football field. Audiences.
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Clever Replies to Damaging Remarks

examples of comments and responses can help guide you: “Looks like we have “You are so thin; you don't need to work out!” ... “Wow you're going to eat.
Clever Replies to Damaging Remarks

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