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For the purposes of an internship/job interview the answer to this question is unequivocally yes. If you actually have concerns about this
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Practice answering common interview questions. 4. Practice interviewing with a counselor in the OCPD. Let's look at each of these steps: 1. Talk with fellow 
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the NALP Guide to Interviewing found on the Office of Career Services Website . GUIDE TO ANSWERING FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Tell me about yourself.
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Bring extra copies of your resume. • Always be honest confident and positive when answering questions. • Do not discuss salary or benefits in the first 
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Practice your answers to questions out loud with a ICS career advisor
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you will answer the question or you could ask the interviewer his or her preference for the order of your reply. ▫ Can you tell me about your early school 
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How to answer “tell me about yourself”. 1. Oliwia. Global Executive Recruiter. There are thousands of possible interview questions you can find.
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problem solving or initiative through an internship or part-time job you held? Have a strong introduction (Ex: Tell me about yourself Walk me through ...
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scripting answers to common interview questions. Tell me about a time internship at the Art Institute of Chicago where.
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If you cannot name an example you can say
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