Antagonist muscle function

The function of the antagonist muscle during fast limb movements in

triphasic pattern of muscle activation in agonist and antagonist. function of the antagonist muscle burst is not clear; it is generally presumed to.

Adaptive Control of Mechanical Impedance by Coactivation of

Abstraci -This paper examines the postulate that an important function of the activity of antagonist muscle groups is to modulate mechanical impedance.
adaptive control of mechanical impedance by coactivation of antagonist muscles

Combined Application of Electrically Stimulated Antagonist Muscle

Conclusions: HTS was effective in preventing quadriceps weakness and in improving physical function and QOL after TKA. Key words atrophy osteoarthritis

Post-Stroke Treatment with Neuromuscular Functional

15 janv. 2022 Electrostimulation of Antagonistic Muscles and Kinesiotherapy ... rest (rEMG) and during attempts of maximal muscle contraction (mcEMG) were ...

Balance Control Mediated by Vestibular Circuits Directing Limb

30 janv. 2018 activation and the incidence of antagonist muscle co-activation. (Tang et al. 1998). The vestibular nuclei also receive a variety.
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duced co-activation of antagonist muscles during sustained neck flexion. effects of specific vs general exercise on neck muscle function.

Dissociation between cortical and spinal excitability of the

spinal excitability of the antagonist muscle during combined motor imagery and action observation toshiyuki Aoyama1 fuminari Kaneko2
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Calcium antagonists and endothelial function

vascular smooth muscle function are important for the pre- Key words: calcium antagonists endothelium


1 The main muscle groups in the human body. ⚫ agonist. ⚫ antagonist. ⚫ fixator. ⚫ antagonistic muscle action. Muscles are made up of soft muscle tissue and 

In vivo human muscle structure and function: adaptations to

24 août 2004 measured from representative agonist and antagonist muscles. Training altered the angle– torque relation: (a)displacing it by 9–31% towards ...

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